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Ok folks,
I love my Yamahas... my son has a 2020 YZ125X and I have a 2019 YXZ - My YXZ has been bullet proof and I have never had her break down on me in the sand dunes, mud bogs, and rocks. She is the best work horse on the mountain. That said, it does have its issues and it is mainly around the gearing. In a typical day I can ride the sand dunes of Northern Colorado, Climb extremely technical climbs, jump in a mud bog, and drive like a bat-out-of-hell on the forest service roads -- all in one day, one ride.

I would like to recommend you make a "Rocky Mountain Edition" YXZ. It only needs a couple items to make it the ultimate machine in Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah. I'll be the first to buy it.
  • 30 to 32 Inch wheels -- Rocky Mountains = Big Rocks and we need the clearance.
  • Gear reduction --- This is my biggest complaint about the standard version. I have ridden for 3 years without it, and to be frank, its a little embarrassing when a Maverick glides up the hill when I have to work so hard at it - I have to keep my rpms between 3000-5000 making an ascent. As you can imagine it beats me up pretty bad, not to mention the machine.
  • Warn Winch -- Pull Trees to get them out of the road
  • More front end protection -- some times we end up on pretty tight trails, bouncing off of trees trying to get through it.
  • Place to put a chainsaw (optional) - we're always cutting fallen trees to clear the roads.
Below is Medicine Bow National Forest and North SandHills Colorado.

Below is at 13,500 feet Creede/Lake City Colorado - Old Carson Mine


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