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Hi All
if you own one of the XS shoc twins that doesn't start from the electric start (or starts badly) do the following :-
Set the valve clearences correctly (0.10mm intake 0.15 mm exhaust)
Start the engine and set the dwell to 22 and a half %
Balance the carbs and adjust the mixture strength at the same time oh I forgot throw some new plugs in at the same time
Regards Jim

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this is a 1982 XS400J Maxim 400. actually has just a little over 5000 miles on it about 200 since I got it running again in 2007.

I have a pair of BS 34 Mikuni carbs how many turns do I utrn the air mixture screws for correct mix?

These carbs were in bad shape after 16 years in storage and because my nephews played with the trottle andit they broke off the idel screw.

I really need another right carb housing. I rebuilt the ones I have and used epoxy to attach the idel screw for now.

any Ideas where some parts can be had. any idea howmany of these are still on the road?
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