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I need help trying to identify the year of this golf cart and solving the an issue below.
The golf cart runs really well and drives perfectly but smokes really bad! It also drips oil fro. The exhuast. It is a 2 stroke engine and has a fu tank and a gas tank. The carberator mount has also been repaired and seems to sealed but i want to replace but idk what year or model it is to be able to buy the part.
I could not find a seial anywhere on it but i found this number stamped on the back left of the frame, kind of on the cross memeber.


Golf cart Wheel Tire Plant Vehicle

Tire Wheel Cloud Plant Sky

Tire Wheel Vehicle Plant Motor vehicle

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Hood Bicycle tire Road surface

Gas Auto part Motor vehicle Electric blue Metal

Wood Tin Paint Rectangle Font

Motor vehicle Tree Font Gas Audio equipment
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