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What did you do today ? On bike , or in your shop ....?

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Starting this just for those wanting to share your accomplishments .
Let's have some fun here .... Experiances , Good , or bad ... New equipment .
Keep it clean , Young uns read this forum also ........
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Went out to fire up pressure washer. After a dozen pulls and no start I wanted to slap myself as I don't remember adding stabilizer or running fuel out of carb like I normally do. So time rebuild fuel system. Jets were so clogged it took a safety pin to clear.

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Reason I wanted to get power washer going is one of my sons drove from North Carolina to Texas to pick up a project for him and my grandson. It's a 2000 Firehawk that had sat outside for 12 years under a tree.

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We got it loaded.

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Trailered it 5 hours away to my place and knocked first layer of dirt off. It actually cleaned up pretty well.

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Family left yesterday yesterday heading back to North Carolina. Here's proud grandson with his new ride.

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It will take alot to get it mechanically sound, but will be a nice project for them.
Exciting! That should be some quality family time
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