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Heya gentlemen,

I have a rather newbie question, hoping something very simple one of you guys knows off the top of your heads and would be kind to assist - I got aftermarket levers for the wife's 2015 250 vstar,
she is arthritic and needed levers closer to the handlebars... and i am kind of puzzled on the electric connection here. Here is the interface of the aftermarket lever -
Wood Gas Auto part Bullet Metal

and here is what the cable looks like when i pulled it out of thhe old lever (there is a plastic pin with a spring too, which i can put back in).
Automotive tire Hood Automotive lighting Motorcycle Motor vehicle

I don't quite get how they are supposed to connect - it doesn't look like it just snaps in... Seller marked the lever as compatible with 2015 vstar 250 - what am I missing here? I don't think i broke it, it looks like I can reassemble it ok...


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