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I know my 1981 Yamaha TT-250 4 stroke "Trials" dirt bike with KYB rear monoshock and KYB front fork is old, however, this 236 lb, 22hp dirt bike has very low hours and still runs great on the AZ hills and desert trails.
My problem is a new HDPE plastic fuel tank is obsolete, no longer avail from Yamaha.
The rear suspension has a massive monoshock that mounts to the front frame, directly under the fuel tank. Near the rear of the tank, the steel frame has a 180 degree arched bracket over the shock that is approx 4" wide and approx 3" tall. The tank is approx 2 gal capacity and approx 9" wide at the front, 6.5" wide at the rear and length of 19". The fuel petcock is on the left side. The front tank mounts with two 10mm bolts approx 4" spacing between the frame mounts. The rear tank mounts under the seat lip using two 1/2" wide rubber straps.
Does anyone have advice regarding a replacement HDPE plastic or metal fuel tank that would fit this bike?
Regards, Mark
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