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Hi All, Im new to this forum - I have a 2008 Yamaha Vstar 1100 Classic (carby version XVS1100A). I'm having some trouble on the morning starts and wondering what it could be.

Cold Start / Morning Start:
Choke On, Start
Warm up 2-3 mins
Choke Off, then Idles OK
Take off and runs rough through gears 1, 2 and 3
Come to first stop at corner several hundred metres down the road and bike the stalls
Restart bike, but wont idle and stalls again
Start bike, rev hard to get moving in first gear and pull over to side of road
Bike chugs, splutters, misses and back-fires. Can smell fuel
Hold on throttle in neutral and rev bike for 2-5 mins
Neutral light flickers on / off with the revs
Take it for a ride around the town, approx. 1 km – run rough
Then, idles normal and runs normal
No loss of power, no skipping – runs fine after the initial problem

Afternoon start after work is no problems, this is a daily ride so every day around 50 - 60 km round trip for work.
Hoping for some pointers before taking to dealer or mechanic

Way too many to list....
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Where are you located ? Do you really need to choke it ? Check fuel lines for kinks , check petcock , fuel filter , How many miles on plugs ? I'm thinking spark plugs ....
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