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We have a new (2021) TTR110 in our garage for the 4 grandkids to sling some mud with. Curious if anyone has installed an hour/tach meter on, and if so, I have 2 questions.

1. Are these bikes running a small coil directly on top of the spark plug, or are they running with the traditional style CDI coil remote from the plug?
I ask to insure the pickup wire for the meter is wrapped in the correct pickup location on the spark plug wire or coil.
If anyone has made the installation and has good results, where was the wire wrap located?

2.Does anyone know the RPM range for these smaller 4 stroke engines? What would the redline be for these motors?
The hour meter I have in hand will not only track running hours but also monitor and display the RPMs. It will also alert to dangerously high RPMs and record the highest level during the last run. The levels need to be entered into the setup process.

Thanks to any insight provided.

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