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Post up any bulls#it stories that happen to you on any give day in here!

Mine for today:

Finally rode my bike into work today after the bike sitting was around for a few months. Before I went into work though, I took a ride up to my dealer to check in on the progress of my wifey's bike (nobody in the area had the bike she wanted, so it had to get ordered in). As I'm sitting there bs-ing with the dealer, a kid drives up in a kia with his buddy. Kid came by last week looking for a used R6 but the dealer didn't have any.
I guess he saw my bike out front, so pulled up again today. I started laughing and told him to sell my '07 for $8k if the kid asks. Sure enough, the kid wants to know how much. Mark (the dealer) tells him $8200 and the kid says "ok, thanks boss". Then he and his buddy stand by my bike, pointing to just short of every part on the bike and take off.
I told him that the kid was there last week, and he didn't remember him but started laughing when I reminded him. The kid can't be more than 19, but acts like a total hardass. Man, did I love those days.
Damn it, almost had a good down payment on my R1 :rofl:

-Ride my bike to my local dealer
-Kid drives up and I told the dealer to tell him $8k for '07 R6 if the kid asks
-Sure enough, kid asks and Mark (dealer) tells him $8200
-Kid and his buddy walk to the bike and start pointing at every part and talking
-After 10 minutes, get in their car and leave

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Ok so i'm sure you are all familiar with the term powerband...the rpm range in an engine were it makes peak power and it feels like your gonna get ripped off the thing. So this only works on people that know little bout engines or just started into motorsports....tell them that they need to buy a new powerband. They will b like what the hell is that and come up with something crazy so they believe it. Use it like...yea man its the thing that makes the engine have that peak power spot..i know u can feel it,getta new one and it will be even stronger.
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