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Currently driving a 2017 Audi 4 door RS3.
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I've been out on the Warrior several times since picking it up last week.
Lovin it!
I mentioned in another post how much time I'm looking at the bike, the set-up, the manuals and available parts etc.

Tonight I noticed this on the right hand side of the engine, I believe the lower crankcase.
The horizontal section....I can feel with my finger then my finger nail, feels like a crack!
The vertical section....appears to be linked the the horizontal fizuire above.
It has some raised jagged areas but somehow does not necessarily look like a crack. It does not look like weld to me.
No mess, no nothing.
Don't know if this means anything at all buy I've notice when I've come back from a ride, with engine idling a sound like air being sucked into the engine. It just sounds a little different to start up.
Then again I think at start up I'm wearing a helmet. When I pull up helmets often off before I shut her off.
Back to the pics.
I'm hoping this is a blemish or tool or parts damage from an aftermarket exhaust install.
Anyway, I've got to find something to do instead of worrying about this until I learn more.
Thanks guys.
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