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I've got a wr125x 2013 and could really do with some experienced advice please? The bike's last 2 MOTs have had an advisory for "lower rear shock bush" . I've been searching for far to long now and 3rd MOTs in January.

So far as I can tell it seems to be the connecting rod bushes as apposed to the actual shock. Which I've found is basically 2 metal tubes and 2 oil seals each end.

I've got the part numbers for the bits

#6 bush - 90386-18004
#7 oil seal (2J5) - 93109-18020
#8 collar - 90387-12X01

But this is where the problem comes in. Every time I've found the parts listed it always says the #8 collar is discontinued.
so I don't know how to sort the issue out.

have they done away with that in favour of a better design? I have seen a lot of universal suspension bushes for sale so have wondered if that's an option. If so what dimensions would I need to do both ends of the connecting rod?

PLease help,


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What's a MOT .?
Think of it as your state inspection on steroids. They check everything, and I mean everything. Everything must be correct. You are from Texas like me, and our inspection is almost a joke compared to a true MOT.

Land vehicle Vehicle Wheel Tire Motorcycle

Google what all is checked. If they were to do it here, 90 percent of bikes would fail.
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