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A couple of years ago I had an issue (same as right now) where the motor was stuck in the up position. At that time I didn't know about the manual valve release screw. I asked the guys who did the bottom cleaning if they could get the motor down. After that I went to the boat and found my motor tied in the up position. After releasing, the motor worked. So I suspect they knew about the manual valve release screw.

Well, I have been away from the boat for awhile and again, the motor is stuck in the up position. My problem is I don't know much about the release screw. I know it needs to turn CCW but by how much. Right now, it does turn but only 90°. I have seen on videos that it needs to be turned several times. The service manual says 90°. So I don't know which is correct.

Since it does turn 90° but the motor does not move downward, I must assume that it need more turns. That is the problem. I cannot budge the screw anymore. I have tried an impact tool but in order for me to get to the location of the screw, I am practically upside down. I have two options to access location: use a dinghy or move the boat to stern in first.

Now, the question is should I expect more turns on the screw? Or is the 90° turn enough. Hopefully I can get an answer from someone who has done this already. The motor is from 2011 and model T9.9XPA.

Thanks in advance
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