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lets see, I have crashed 3 times this season

first crash:
the first race of the season a did not make a double and the quad behind me landed on my back.
everyone tells me I was knocked out for about a minute

second crash:
I thoughtI would try to triple the whoops :nono: ended up going shoulder first into the 4th whoop lol

third crash:
was making the pass for first over a little tabletop, my front right tire landed on his front left tire and I went over the bars and got my arm ran over by his quad
ended up in a wrist brace for 2 weeks

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvXWVLMf_7U&feature=channel_page]YouTube - crazy quad crash![/ame]

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Well I have a few. I have indoed twice going over a jump. Those were the worst, not physically but mentally. Both of those wrecks I had serious concussions. The first one I tried to hold on and rolled three times with the bike. Second indo I let go to bail, but the bike rolled me over in mid air and hit the back of my head on the landing. Other than that I broke my sternum and ribs casing a jump. Still tried to race on pain pills. Didn’t work out so hot then either! LOL ended up crashing from the pain. Other than that a few bumps and brusies. I am looking for one video I have, where I break my axle in half landing on a jump. Didn’t get hurt but a good crash. If I find it I will post it.
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