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The topic of Oil and Filters is akin to Religeon and Politics.

Trying to get some good conversation going here about the subject which is really not known very well and a lot of Myths seem to perpetuate as well.

I have been selling oil and filters for over 35 yrs now and Specifically AMSOIL for coming up on 26 yrs. If I find a better product and company, I will sell that. I am by no means married to AMSOIL.

Oil, is the Life Blood of your engine. The oil filter, is the Kidney that keeps it clean.

REGARDLESS of Brand, Synthetic or Petroleum, use a Motorcycle Specific oil with a JASO MA Rating, better yet, MA 2, but never MB.

There is a difference between M/C Specific oil and auto/diesel oils. If anyone tells you different, they have been misinformed and are passing on bad information.

Filters. A fancy domajig on the end of a filter, does not make it a good filter.

65% of wear caused by dirt, is caused by particles in the 5-25 Micron Range. For an example, a Fram is between 36 and 42 Microns and the human eye can see to about 40 Microns.

That should get us started here.

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