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hi guys! im Rob, im 17 years old, ever since i was 13 i have been rebuilding electric golf carts alone for fun. recently i have been having trouble paying for gas in my 1998 Mountaineer (5.0L V8 getting 8mpg) and with gas expecting to pass $4/gal i am seeking help. my father has a 1973 TX650 it was last registered in 2003 but had mostly been kept in storage since 1980's since then used maybe once or twice a year up until 2003 where it has sat in our barn. in somewhere around 2005-2007 my father put new tires on it and a new battery got it running (roughly) then ran it up and down the street a few times and it has not moved since then. i have the battery on charge hoping i can bring it back. i do know the bike is loosing compression and the inside of the tank is rusting. i am very experienced with electronics but only have basic knowledge on engines. im really hoping i can get help to get this bike running so i can use it for things around town and to get to school daily. i dont really know what im doing but i've received the green flag from my father to try and get it running. and well, my mom is probably going to kill me the first time she hears it running and finds out i've been working on it. i'll post up a thread tomorrow with everything im doing, and i really hope i can receive advice and instruction from someone who knows what they are doing.

until then, here's what im starting with:

(and to some curious, that is a 1978 Club Car caroche i've been working on, its ready for a color coat and trim then its done and going for sale)

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