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Need of a hard to find part

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Hello All,
I have a 2002 Yamaha Roadstar Warrior XV1700 PC. I need a Cam Sensor, part number 5PX-85896-00-00 which has been superseded by 5PX-85896-11-00. If anyone has a used one I'm definetly interested or if anyone can suggest where I can get one I'd be thankful.
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Welcome to the forum ... tell us about , You , your bikes , where you ride ... introductions are more than just a formality ...
Parts are best found on EBAY ... New or used . Look at " more info " to find out what otuer bikes use the same parts , and also look for those ... Other resources are Partzilla , for parts breakdowns , and sales , or use those to source on other websites .... Please enjoy the forum ....
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