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Majesty power lose solution

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One day while out and about on my 2005 Yamaha Majesty I went into a store, upon leaving I discovered that my Majesty no longer would accelerate properly. Basically having to use some foot assistance to get going.,
After several hundred dollars at a few different shops a person I met leaving a grocery store recommended a shade tree mechanic that had repaired her car, who also worked on bikes. I contacted him and was immediately given the impression, through our conversation that this guy would fix my problem. Which he did.
It turned out to be the speed sensor on the front wheel that had gone bad.
I paid a local Yamaha dealership almost $300.00 an hour to diagnosis the problem. They called me two days after dropping it off asking me to approve a couple of more hours. I refused and took my scooter from there.
The mechanic that fixed it had never even seen or heard of a Majesty Scooter before my reaching out to him.
So, I am happily posting a possible solution to all those posts I have encounter, in hopes it will help them get their Majesties back up to speed.
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