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I've got 2 bikes now, a '99 R6 and an '09 R6. The '99 I bought last year and has turned into a bigger project that I really want on my plate right now.
I'm thinking of selling my '99 and getting something newer.
I found a bike that is a few states away from me that got dumped but majority of the damage was done to the front and the left side fairings. The bike is a 2007 R6 (still staying loyal to the Yami's) with a little over 3000 miles. Problem is that the bike needs to go through an inspection before it can be deemed worthy of being able to ride on the roads. And once it passes the inspection, it will have a salvage title (which doesn't bother me, because in a year or two it will become a track bike anyways).
I'm planning on taking a ride in a week to check out the bike, but is there anything I should be paying close attention to?

Thanks guys
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