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So I am helping out a friend. He has a nice whaler with a 90's era 80hp Yamaha. someone has gone to the trouble to cleanup the wiring but most of the features of these two LCD marine meter instruments don't work. Most specifically the fuel gauge doesn't work. He has a custom tank in the boat and i found the two wires to the sender, it is a 0-190 ohm sender and seems to work fine.

what i am looking for ideally would be a wiring diagram. for both.

2nd best would be the fuel sending portion. the way it is right now is these wires out of the fuel instrument.
white with blue stripe
2 black wires

when power is hooked up i see about 2.5 volts at the white wire with blue stripe so i thought that would go to fuel sender (s) and then fuel sender (i) to one of the blacks. that didn't work. no bars on the fuel gauge and the little fuel symbol flashing red. all the time no matter what combination i try.

anyway. an aftermarket fuel gauge would be easy to install but it would be nice if i could get this one to work.

thanks for any input


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