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Hello everyone, was wondering if anyone could help, I've been experiencing some issues with the PA system that I'm using with my band.

Recently, our three vocal channels have appeared to lack ‘volume’, although there is a completely healthy input gain signal. When raising the vocals during sound check we struggle to get the vocals to sit on top of the mix. We even hit +9db (which is very high) on the main vox but with very low volume, and of course we then have trouble with feedback. We are a rock band that is not quiet – we feed guitar, bass, kick and toms into the PA as well, although not at a high level and they are EQ’ed nicely for separation and we have no problem pushing the volume if needed. We have not had a problem pushing the vocals up to this point, even though we are putting instruments into the speakers. Tried Solutions – checked main volume on the speakers / mono switch / always on LINE input not MIC / no HPF selected. We use Behringer mixer XR18 – tried solutions / check vocals DCA group – at a healthy level / vocals are EQ’ed nicely for live sound with NO boosts, only necessary CUTS. Gates / compressors / checked. Usually we start around 25db Gain to soundcheck mics – loud but necessary as the vocals are getting lost. Even hearing the vocals on their own with no other instruments playing – we hear tinny lack of volume and no energy. This appears to be only the vocal mics? Cables are all decent as well.

Any ideas please.

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