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Hey there! I'm trying to sort out a no spark issue on my 1994 Virago. Any help would be appreciated!

I've gone through and bypassed/checked all the safeties, the bike does crank over okay. When the bike is cranking I can see the voltage at the coils fall off (in tune with it turning over, so seems normal for the way the ignitor works, right?) I've tried new coils (although my previous coils spec'd fine). And the plugs are new.

When both primary coil leads are off of the coil, and I check for power, both red wires have 12v and the orange and grey wires both have 8v. I would expect to see 0v on on the grey/orange wires when they're disconnected.

I had the ignitor checked over by a computer repair place locally, they found some bad "stuff" (he replaced 3 parts, I can't remember what they were). I got it back, installed it and I'm still seeing voltage on the grey and orange wires. I haven't tried starting it yet, due to scheduling, but this just doesn't seem normal. Hoping someone out there can help shed some light on the situation!

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