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‘06 HPDI VZ150TLRC - Idles rough and bogs/stalls when I increase over 1200 RPMs

I have YDS program and there is no obvious problem, but I’m not a YDS expert.
High and low fuel pressure are good on YDS and fuel pressure gauge attached to VST tank and down steam of medium pressure fuel filter before high pressure pump.
YDS will spark all six cylinders. - inline spark tester
In gear switch operational.
All injectors will activate with external injector tester.
Injectors 2,5 and 6 will NOT activate using YDS static test.
1,3, and 4 – 20 clicks in 2 seconds – As expected??
2,5, and 6 - 2 clicks about 2 seconds apart (20 clicks with wire from 1,3 or 4 connected to them)
I have swapped the upper and lower injector driver and get the same results.
With the upper injector driver disconnected I get the same results with YDS.
With the bottom injector driver disconnected no injectors activate with YDS.
This leads me to believe injectors 2,5 and 6 are on the upper driver.
Injector 2,5 and 6 will activate with YDS if I connect wiring for injectors 1,3, or 4.
Checked for continuity on wires from injector driver to faulty injectors and it is good.
Checked for continuity on wires from ECU to injector drivers and it is good.
I tried swapping outputs from injector drivers, but wiring harness is to short to allow doing so.
Is there something else I can check??
Is the signal from the ECU to Injector Driver bad??
Local Yamaha tech is backed up for another 2-3 weeks, so I’m trying to figure it out.
Help Please!!!!!!
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