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This is a short tutorial for the members wondering how to post a picture in a thread.
There's actually two ways to insert an image/photo into a thread, I will start with the most common one:

1- Before you post a picture, you need to have it online somehow. If you find the picture online, right click on the image and click on view image. That will give you the absolute path to the image usually something like http://www.example.com/image.jpg or .gif .png etc.. copy the link and skip to step 1.2.
1.1- If you have the image stored in your local drive (computer) then you need to upload it online first. To do so you can use one of the many images hosting providers:
ImageShack® - Image Hosting - Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket etc...

I personally prefer the first one because it doesn't require you to be a registered member to upload images: so assuming we are using ImageShack® - Image Hosting

Open the website and click the browse button to select the photo:

For demo purposes, I'm selecting the image: Yamaha-Logo.gif located in the demo folder:

Now that we have our picture selected press the button Host it!

Once the upload is finished, you should get the windows like this one below showing the different features available (short url, etc) We will be using the direct link.

Right click and copy the direct link to the image:

1.2 - Ok Now that we have our direct link to the image, let's insert into the thread.. which what we are trying to accomplish :) As shown in the image below, click on the Insert Image icon:

Paste the direct link to the image and click OK

Voila! Your image should appear immediatly. :banana:

Please note that the same rule applies to signatures, blogs etc.
2 - The second way to insert a photo will be using the attachment feature below the thread. this usually attach the photo/documents at the end of the thread which might not be the perfect location of the image.. so let's stick with the first method.

That's it I hope this helps and happy posting!
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