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They call Hernando deputies to report theft of pot plants, get busted themselves

WEEKI WACHEE — Five people were arrested this morning after calling Hernando County deputies to report that someone had stolen their pot plants.
When deputies arrived at the Weeki Wachee home in response to a call about a home invasion, five people inside the house told them the suspects had taken between three and five pounds of pot, according to an arrest report.
Authorities said they found 59 marijuana plants growing inside the residence at 11480 Manassas Ave. They also found cultivated marijuana, irrigation equipment, ventilation equipment and other items associated with growing pot.
At least three of the five suspects said they knew about the marijuana plants, while one said she didn't know the plants were marijuana. Deputies took all five of them into custody.
Arrested were: Wilson Rodriguez, 40, of Tampa; Edilberto Escobar Serrano, 25, of Weeki Wachee; Javier Verde, 35, of Miami; Jarol Zamora-Herrera, 34, unknown; and Batista Pena Yunet, 25, of Weeki Wachee.
All five suspects were charged with felony cultivation of marijuana. They were taken to the Hernando County Jail and held in lieu of $5,000 bail.
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