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Hello fellow PWC waverunner owners! I am excited about being a new owner of an old waverunner! I have never had any "toy" with motors growing up. so, as an adult, this is an exciting new journey in so many ways! I am a mom, 2 almost adult boys, one 19 and 15 yrs. They are loving my new to us addition!
Did I mention I am an above the knee amputee? It is still a new facet in my life and quite the adjustment! (3 yrs in december) My good real leg is not so great because it too, was badly injured in the car wreck that I had on December 14, 2013. I am also a female, which as one, a change in appearance this dramatic can cause alot of new emotions at first! But now it is just the daily routine of getting dressed including putting my leg ON.
So, ffwd to now...life is wonderful. I have my ideal job in highway construction, as a QC/QA inspector and tester of roadway . materials. (aka... I like to play in the dirt!! and I know alot about it!)
So, I live a very nontraditional lifestyle, always have. Always like a good challenge...and my 93 waverunner is gonna be just that! Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated.
And any resources, like an owners guide/manual and trouble shooting would be great too!
Thank you,
April L.
Sherwood, AR:shine::missy::wavey::cheerleader::usa:
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