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Hi Guys, After receiving outstanding help here on this site, I thought i would share something you might find useful if your Quad Racks are either missing or in need of replacing?

Both mine were missing when i bought the basket case Yamaha Moto 4 225 1986? So i wrecked my brain for what to use? Buying new replacements is impossible or far too expensive?

Those on sale on E Bay are usually battered rusty and madly over priced, beside, out of the question for me here in Ireland as the Customs and shipping alone triple the start price etc.

SO I came across this on Amazon , and for the money I took a chance.
I say took a chance, because i thought they might be thin un-weldable crap steel? I nearly ordered two, but decided to be cautious, so ordered one.

Boy was i surprised and please, when they arrived, Good quality metal thick enough even for my crappy welding, and enough tubing to make 2 racks and a bull bar, and exactly the right width for the bull bar straight out of the box! )with packing washer)

So if you have a welder and a saw or grinder, this could be a great and inexpensive way to get great replacement Carriers.
NB: You could probably rig up something just by drilling and bolting together, if you dont have a welder?

I made this today, and even with my abysmal welding was good enough to get a result, i will paint and mount it tomorrow then still have enough tubing (already bent) to make the fronts and the bull bar!
$37 the lot!
The silver insert tubes in the pics i used, are from an old lamp stand, slightly smaller diameter than the Log Stand tube etc, helps strength and keeping things lined up for easy welding etc.but you could use any tube that fits inside, or simply weld? Also would allow screwing build only etc
Hope this helps someone keep it secret though they might sell out now?

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P/S The Main hoops X2 would make a great Roll Bar Hoop Safety feature, and loo great (come with a very nice finish) So why not do your Friends and Family a favor and rig one up? i believe they are now compulsory in Australia (sensible) After all isn't your life worth $50?
PPS I have no connection or association with the sellers (mores the pity)
LOL Stay Safe
More tomorrow?

PPPS Apologise to Moderators if this is in the wrong place??

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Ok Here are the finished rears, cant really see them because of the Sprayer Tank fitted, but they as good a quality (better) than the originals. Doing the fronts next. LOL

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