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You probably wont like my suggestion, but my little warning is don't do it. Though it's FI, there is still a balance in formula. The factory is not a backyard cut and try of the air box-IN to the exhaust-OUT. It is so scientific that it brings in heat formula like it's endless.

Next is air box volume times the air speed going in. Ever mod a bike with the air box off, then try to match the liner rise in rpm? But all you get is a bog and then takes off all of a sudden, and where did the linear [math] go?

So right now you have this low grunt, linear feel with the stock pipe. Now you swap and there is a change in the air speed on the OUT end of the stroke, now you have a slightly bog end on the IN-side of the stroke. The formula was compromised.

How do you match the formula with just an expensive part, you just had to have sound and forget the original grunt, original linear is going to change, and now new posts asking how to remove the bog, the poor low end response you once had, and can't see there is formula eliminating all that list you brought in because of one move to the design, before they put the bike in the box to ship.

I just saved you a shitload of a headache for just a little sound change. Do your wallet, the ass-factor change, the jump in the lake to find out its swamp is filled with posts of tears is the favor. Use that money for maintenance items.

Stay Stock Club Member. My card reads in bold letters... "I told you so and you still ignored the thermodynamics"
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