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Got a free XS400

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I found this little scoot on the "FREE" page of a local website. Mind you with my big pig of a truck I suppose I burned $200 worth of gas driving down island to get it. It belonged to a guy who passed away, was saved for years and then passed on to another guy. Anyway, thanks very much to the donor who decided he had too many jobs on the go already.

It's suffered neglect in high moisture environments so the chrome is dismal with a few nasty pits in the forks.

I was curious to know exactly which model this XS400 is. I'm assuming that being made in 11/77 that it's a 1978 model? When you google 1978 XS400 you see a lot of flat sided tank models. Just wondering.

It's seized: no surprise there. I will spray half a can of penetrating oil in each jug and see what gives in a few days or weeks.

Oh, it's got 3,900 km on the dial. That was a nice surprise.

I just got a soda blaster so I'm interested in seeing what's left over after I blast the rust out of the chrome. I expect to find it leaves a lot of scabby chrome flakes standing up. We'll see.

Thanks for any advise.
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Not seized any more. I left the juice in the jugs for about half an hour and it kicks over just fine now. Things are looking up.
Wow, great project! Price was sure right! Grab the VIN number and Engine Vin & plug them into a VIN decoder on line. It will confirmyear and model info as well as engine specs. You can go to Carlsalter.com and they will likely have a downloadable service manual for it. Huge advantage when taking on a project like this - factory specs to compare to when you do comression test etc, and torque specs to put it back together correctly. !00% post both pics and questions here. Nothing I love more than a build thread. Thanks for posting.
Thanks for the tips Tinsnips. I'll look into that.
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