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I want to hook up a buzzer to my turn signals (factory) but having difficulty locating the flasher unit. Then once I find it, I likely will need a wiring diagram to know what wires to splice into.

Anyone out there have this information or is there a Service Manual here or online?

I traced the wire harness from the signal switch to a rectangular block mounted on a vertical structural support just under the middle of the dash. Of course I removed the drink holder tray prior to locating this. This harness plugs into the this block and then there is another short harness coming out of the box which I assumed lead to the front and rear lights. Well, I measured the voltage that came out of this unit and it is 5.0v. And, with the outgoing harness and plug (which plugged into another harness that went ?) unplugged, the turn signals still worked. So, deduction is that this is NOT the flasher module.

There is another almost square looking module in this same vicinity but it has a very large connector with a multitude of wires coming out of it. I figured this is likely the ECM so I didn't mess with that at all. I can't see anything else in this area that looks like a module.

So, any ideas? Any help much appreciated.
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