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Dustin Nelson is looking good right now. He just took the lead in the QuadCross series and he’s poised to win in the WORCS series. If he can pull off both, he’ll be the undisputed top rider in the west.
I got a chance to spend an afternoon with Dustin as he went over every nut and bolt on his cross-country GYTR Yamaha YFZ450 at the DW photo studio (my hangar at Corona Airport). The ATV is as good as it gets, and he actually left it with me for the next two weeks while he‘s out of town. Can you imagine? Would it be a violation of trust to ride the wheels off of it? He says the motor is a little milder than his MX version, but I‘m sure it still pretty impressive. You‘ll read all about it in an issue of Dirt Wheels very soon.
After shooting everything we could think to shoot on his bike, Dustin started acting interested in aviation. There’s something about off-road racing and airplanes that seem to go together. I love airplanes, so does Doug Gust and apparently Dustin. Before long we were in the air and I gave Dustin his first flying lesson. He was pumped. Now I won’t feel as guilty if I wear out his quad.
If you want to get an up-close look at Dustin’s YFZ450R, here it is. Most of the components are GYTR, with Ohlins suspension and a GPR damper tossed into the mix.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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