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Has anybody done a controller upgrade for their YDREX6 AC cart? As far as I can tell, it's a Drive (not Drive2). Mine is a 2016 and everything for AC that I'm seeing says 2017+ (Drive2). Also, the Navitas ones that I'm seeing say that they are 4kW, regardless of the amperage output which seems fishy. My sticker on the cart says 5kW. Is that the max motor power or what the current system would actually deliver if the "fleet mode" was removed from the controller programming? If 5kW is what my system is capable of outputting, wouldn't I be better off just having the Yamaha dealer reprogram the current controller for $200 and set it to max output?

I ordered a set of 20" tires to increase the speed a little and get me that extra bit of clearance to get over the curb across from my house. I'm looking to get to about 20mph give or take and I'd like to do it for under $500. With the "fleet mode" I'm getting 14 mph I think. Maybe 12.

Thanks for your help party people.

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