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2023 HO FX Cruiser

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I just bought this ski and the first couple of times out everything, including the cruise control worked fine. The third time out the cruise control stopped working. Any ideas?
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If you set speed limit on the drive control the cruise won't work - POS Yamaha charged me $270.00 to find a software defect on my FX & won't give a refund
I have a VX Cruiser HO. I got the unit in late September but the three times I had it out before winter the cruise control seemed a little wanky. I winterized it, took the battery out etc. I had it out last week (April) and the cruise worked perfectly....not sure if it was me or what......and for the battery issue, my VX has audio which will drain the battery. I put a 10 amp switch in line but can not report on results yet...
Same thing on my VX Cruiser HO. I had it out three times last fall and cruise was wanky. I stored the unit without battery. Now for some odd reason the cruise works great, every time.
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