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I have two diffrent kind of engine noise or at least i think it comes from the engine. The sound appears when i am acclerating but onley when i am in 3,4 and 5 gear and only when i am at low rpm as soon as i reach higher rmp the sound disappears. It sounds like when you shake an spray can or something. Like something is loose and flying around in the engine or ratteling. You can't hear the sound when you stand still. Then the engine runs perfectly. The second sound comes when i deacclerate and comes when i am closeing in to lower rpm in the higer gears. But it sounds diffrent than the other one more like if you have a loose steelplate thats vibrates

These two sounds are making me crazy because i can't figure out were they come from. Or whats causeing it.??

Any help or ide is appriected
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