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Almost every other time I take my boat out, the starboard engine gets clogged with the smallest of debris. Small pencil tip sized piece of soft rubber, fragile twig, some leaves, etc. Always happens when in no-wake mode. Meaning, by the time I know something is in there, I get the "engine overheat" warning and have to shut down for 20-30 minutes.

What I can't understand is that my port side engine runs like a champ. I've gone through the muckiest areas of water on that engine alone (when I am running on one engine because the starboard has to be shut down), and it churns through anything without a problem. I did have that engine cavitate when it sucked up a large shell months back, but that was a legitimate piece of impeller clogging debris. But that was full-throttle in shallow water, and the port side engine has never clogged or overheated during no-wake mode.

Why is the starboard engine continuously compromised by the smallest and softest of objects? How can it be only THAT engine 100% of the time? I feel like there may be a flaw in that engine or something. It should also be noted that the starboard engine can only go to 6800 rpms while the port engine can hit 7200-7300 rpms.

Any advice is appreciated.

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