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Looking for ideas and suggestions to stop the insane v-belt squealing! The cart starts out just fine when cold and gets noisier as it warms up. By the time I’m done with 18 holes it is much louder. Occurs at slower speeds, when slowing down or going up/down inclines. Full throttle on level ground is ok. Following are the things I have tried to remedy the situation. Some work better than others but work only for a short period of time then the squealing comes back.
  • Adjust v-belt so play is approx. ½ inch in both directions.
  • Over tighten the v-belt adjustment beyond ½ inch.
  • Loosen the v-belt adjustment.
  • Clean surface of both pulleys with emery cloth and carb cleaner (worked for a while.)
  • Replace the v-belt with a new OEM replacement (worked for a while.)
  • Use CRC Belt Conditioner (this works the best but not for long.)
  • Remove primary sleave assembly (clutch,) check for wear, reassemble and torque to spec (75 ft lbs.) The v-belt pully is part of the clutch assembly.
When I eyeball the primary sleave assembly v-belt pulley and the starter generator pulley I suspect they may be slightly out of alignment which may get worse as engine gets hot. There a small amount of wear on the new v-belt that might indicate this. When I grasp the primary sleave assembly v-belt pulley there is some (maybe 1/16?) sideways (horizontal) movement as if the crankshaft has some end play. This is surprising to me but maybe just fine. I just don’t know.
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