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2018 VXR :
😖 DIED and will not START

——— Need some input ———

Rode the Waverunner for an hour or two off and on today at lake.
Wife was riding it back into the boat slip and about 3/4 of thw way back she let off of the throttle. She was in a little bit of rough water, but not whitecaps or anything.
As the ski idled down - It Died.
She was unable to get it started.

We met her and when I jumped on it and tried to start it—-
Both the ( Green and L-Mode lights )
They light up when you hit the start button but It will not start and run. The ski acts as if it is going to run for a split second or so and then shuts off.
- No check engine light or anything.

The red warning light in the bottom middle of the cluster turns on periodically when trying to start it but no other significant other lights.

We had zero issues at all during the day.

1- Thoughts ??
2- Is there any way the 2 phones in the glovebox could have bumped the key fob and LOCKED the engine
3- How can I check to see if any error codes?
4- What should I check and Where should I start

Thanks in advance…

You are welcome to text as well.

972~ 814-4131
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