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Hey ya'll

I'm completely new to the world of scooters and have just bought a 125cc Zuma (also know as a BWS?).

I'm fascinated that there are indeed performance upgrades for these things!

My intitial budget is somewhere around 350 USD to begin with, or perhaps ever haha. Not completely bothered but going a little faster would be nice!

Here's what has caught my eye so far and too, my questions surrounding these mods;

Big bore kit
  • how high in 'cc' can you take this before new parts are needed?
  • what kits to buy, which ones to avoid?
  • time and tools needed to do this upgrade?

EFI fuel tuner
  • is this the best 'bang for your buck' upgrade?
  • is this a safe bet and worth the money or will others do the same thing?
  • do the cons outweigh the pros regarding more fuel use, lower engine reliability etc
  • do I need more 'bits' to make this perform safely without excess strain anywhere else?

Bug eye conversion
  • is this a pretty simple swap? (i havent seen any youtube videos and want to make sure its easy enough without having to start hacking away or sending it back, I really love the look!

Is there anything else I should know as to increase performance? Increase handling? Nice little addons (electronic speedo etc)

Appreciate your comments!
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