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2014 Yamaha T135LC ( Jupiter MX T135LC )
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I've recently found a problem with my T135LC ( called Jupiter MX T135LC here in Indonesia) where the brake suddenly become less grippy last week. I checked the brake pads, caliper, and discs, and found nothing weird except for very, VERY oily and slippery discs both on the front and rear brakes. I did lubricated the chain drive last night so I guess the rear brakes became oily and slippery due to the chain lubricant accidentally got splashed up onto the rear disc. I don't know why the front brake disc became pretty oily and slippery as well though.

Fast forward to today, I drove the bike around town after cleaning the brake discs to test the brake (and also heat up the engine). After coming back home, I was horrified to see pretty even brown ring around the front brake disc (only happened on the front brake weirdly enough) that have developed after the journey back home. It's pretty permanent as I can't wipe it off the disc and the disc felt quite hot to the touch (normal heating caused pretty long downhill, but it usually didn't develop brown ring around the disc). Also there's some sort of oil marks on the front shock (and the entire front shocks were pretty oily as well). I don't know what this brown circle around the disc is, is it maybe the shock oil dripping onto the front brake disc all this time ?
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