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Just bought a couple of XLT 1200 waverunners(2003(170 hours) and 2004(110 hours) and wanted to know the best options to keep them running strong. Don't have a history on anything updated/changed. They currently run great, the 2003 sometimes has an issue staying idle. I have read about problems they can have, especially the oil lines. So.....this winter when they are out of the water what would you guys do? Here are some things that I have seen people discuss. Change the oil lines(everyone says that), switch over to mix instead of using the oil injection. Remove the cat since that can cause issues? and carb rebuild? I'm asking because I know if I change the oil lines I need to remove the exhaust and can get to pretty much everything so would like to update/replace anything to allow me to hopefully enjoy more seasons without having pull everything apart again.
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