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Hey guys

I recently bought a very cheap Majesty 125 to commute to work and other small errands.

Im sure most of you know its a 4 stroke 12hp CVT engine. It only had 12000 on it,and had been storaged at a barn.
I checked the CVT,and it looked pretty good. Alot of rust,but variator looked ok,and belt also.
I have changed the oil,and filter. (Bought a DNA filter)

The scooter runs pretty good up to around 50 mph.Thats it! I am a tall guy at 6.3 with normal weight,so i figured the 12hp just wouldnt push me any faster.
However i have read topspeed should be at around 65 mph. I have also seen videos online where this is true.

I recently was on holiday in Asia,where i rented a Honda Click 125. That scooter clocked easy 55 mph on flat road,and slowly pushed up to 60. This with same amount of hp if im not mistaken.

However i am a big fan of the brand Malossi,because of good experiences with the brand from my 50cc days (20+ years ago)

I went on a shopping-spree buying a variator kit - a belt - a fly clutch kit (with bell) and a toque drive. Thinking this would fix my problem.

I got the parts,and installing it went like a breeze. I however have 3 questions:

1.I got two set of weights with the variator kit. A 8g and a 10.5g. What am i supposed to use here?
2.The Torque drive have two sets of grooves (is that the right word?) One is steeper angle than the other. What is the best option?
3.The topspeed did not change at all. Still stuck at 50mph. Will it improve over time with a new belt and all,or is this to be expected? The acceleration from around 30 - 50 improved maybe a little.

Thank you for your input =)
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