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tldr: I washed bike, bike had problem, tried to change oil, now bike won’t start
Hey guys,
I have recently had a few issues with my bike. One of which is that when I would try and kick it over, the Kickstarter would get stuck half way and I would have to put it back to the tucked away position. This was fine on my last ride.

I then go to wash my bike and everything is normal. After I wash it, I put it straight into the garage to let it drip dry.

I come to my bike this morning and and I take the Kickstarter off, the rear break(which doesn’t work, but it used to), and then I remember I have to drain the oil and coolant out before I start working at the Kickstarter. I then cracked each bolt for the cover where the I needed to get to(each bolt only about a quarter turn just to crack them). Once I realised that I had to drain the oil and coolant, I got under the bike and looked at the sump screw and it was really round. I tried a couple of methods and nothing worked. My mate then came and dremeled a line through the top of the bolt so he could try and use a flat head screw driver. He accidentally knocked the bike over on its side. We then quickly got it up and let it sit for a sec. in that time, I got distracted and forgot about the screws I had cracked open on the case. The bike had been dripping fuel all day.

We then took the bike outside and tried to start it. It wouldn’t start. We tried for over 20 mins to get it started(both my mate and I), and we couldn’t. I then drove down to the service station near me and filled up a couple of Jerry’s worth of fuel. I then put that fuel into the bike to try and eliminate that cause. It did eliminate the idea that the fuel had run out. My mate and I then tried for another 30+ mins on trying to start it and it wouldn’t start still. I finally gave up and put my bike back in the garage. The bike was still spitting excess fuel when trying to start it.
I was meant to be going riding tomorrow but I guess that is off the books. If anyone could help, that would be amazing.

and yes before you ask, my fuel is on.
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