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Hey Guys, Which one is the best value!
Been following a long time. Long enough to know you recommend buying new, not used. Ready to pull the trigger on new Yamaha Waverunner.
I enjoy working on my SUV. Saved $800 on fuel pump install, $500 valve cover gasket, $339 EGR VSV-- Dealership quotes-- did these jobs myself to save $$$ and pride-of-ownership. Changing my own oil for 36-years. Don't need space rocket, just a no-frills Toyota-Corolla-type repair-friendly commuter.
Of Yamaha's four Series, EX, VX, FX, GP: which is best overall model "best value"? "Must-haves" not "bells & whistles." Which will have good re-sale value, easy to work on myself, no fancy unnecessary frills. In short, a "TOYOTA" not "BMW" or "AUDI." No turbo-charge necessary, no super-charged engine. Cruising mostly, exploring, stop to swim/snorkel. No full-throttle jack-rabbiting, racing, hot-dogging. My mini-boat. Can't pay extra for fancy add-ons (cute when they work but mega-expensive to repair when they break!).
I notice much more storage space VX/FX vs. EX for sure.
What is the uncomplicated engine in the Yamaha line, best bang for the buck Yamaha Model for a Do-It-Yourselfer who wants to cruise around, do (most of) my own maintenance, flush the engine after a ride and do good by it?
THANKS for helping. Yamaha has TWENTY MODELS in 2021 line-up. Which is the self-taught mechanic's dream machine?
P.S. From what I've read, ideal is an indestructible 2-Stroke. Did Yamaha quit offering 2-stroke engines in U.S. market. If so, when?

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VX HO is the most popular, best selling PWC. Uses their 1812 CC super-reliable 4-stroke. Plenty of storage, size, comfort, amenities (touch screen, RiDE, cruiser seat). Much better than EX, not as much as FX.
EX is Yamaha’s answer to the SeaDoo Spark - cheap, plastic, light with little TR-1 motor (100hp) Meant for grandkids or entry level riders who want to get on the water as cheap as possible.
VX - larger, heavier, more comfortable ride with RiDE, 5” touchscreen, storage. Comes with TR-1 (110hp 52 mph) or HO (4 stroke 1800cc 180hp 65mph). Best selling PWC.
FX - flagship. Largest, most comfortable, all the amenities including 7” touchscreen. Absolute dream of a PWC. Engine options are HO (1800cc 180hp 63mph) or SVHO - supercharged 285hp 70mph) The FX SVHO is considered by many to be the best PWC for comfort/power/ride.
GP1800r - “r” is for racer. VX hull, NanoXcel2 (super lightweight) The Corvette of the PWC lineup. No frills, meant to go fast and corner like on rails. Comes with HO (180hp 66 mph) or SVHO (285hp 70 mph).

  • HO use 87 octane while all SVHO require at least 91 octane to get full performance.
  • Cruiser - cushy, tiered seat
  • Limited - comes with all accessories; tow tube, rope, bumpers, audio, cover, cooler, GPS (on FX)
  • 2 speaker Audio - factory installed option available on nearly all models - except a few EX.
  • All are 4 stroke. Yamaha stopped making 2 stroke PWCs in mid-2000s
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