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03 Zuma electrical issues.

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Hello 👋

I am new here and I got myself a 03 Zuma 50cc a while back (2years). Was NonRunning Slowly got it to run again but then things happen so it sat. Now I have time to tinker with it again and I wanted to change the front end of the scooter (Handle Bar, Controls and Brake handles.

Some parts I received this week.
----CNC Billet Controls levers Adelin Aluminium (Cable&Hydrolic)
----Downhill handlebar STR8
----Handlebar Stem STR8 Short
----Throttle Grip Stage6 CNC Type
----Switch Unit Stage6 CNC-type
----Throttle cable Stage6, for throttle kit

That being said I was wondering if someone can help me with wiring everything (Like what color wire goes to what color wire).
Would greatly appreciate the help and knowledge given.

Side note:
Would like to make the red button on the left side switch the starter if possible.

Thanks for any helpful information.

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