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  1. Zuma
    I have a 2005 Zuma that sat over the winter and now won’t start. I’ve drained the old gas and replaced with a full tank of premium, replaced spark plug etc. I figured it was a carb issue. Cleaned the carb and still won’t run. It started with starting fluid and then quickly dies...
  2. Zuma
    My 2005 Yamaha Zuma will not cold start. If you leave it in the sun for a few hours, it starts fine. Please help!
  3. Streetbikes Buy/Sell/Trade
    Hi. I bought this Zuma early 2022. I rode it for 400 miles or so, before she gave up. Body is in very nice condition. Needs some engine and transmission work from what the mechanic advised. Helmet not included. Will need to be taken with a truck as it does not run. I have a California clean...
    $600 USD
  4. Zuma
    I just purchased a 2009 Yamaha yw50 recently. I was taking it for a ride & noticed it would not accelerate past 50 kph. It rides perfectly within that speed. But as soon as I try to give it more it simply doesn’t accelerate. It doesn’t bog down or decelerate, it just simply won’t accelerate...
1-4 of 4 Results