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  1. Motocross and Offroad
    I was told by someone that there was a GYTR kit or performance parts for the WR450f, but I have been unable to find a lot for them (high compression piston and camshaft). Would anyone know where I would be able to find some of these parts/kits, also it was my understanding that the YZ450f and...
  2. Engine work
    Hello, I’ve owned my yz since new and it finally gave me some trouble. It was difficult to start and had a hesitation on take off but power seemed to be normal. It got hot and I pulled the coolant drain plug at the water pump and got nothing but what seemed like a little bit of oily dark fluid...
  3. Motocross and Offroad
    Is there anything he can't do on a bike? FREE VIDEO: Motocross dei Campioni Highlights | The Official MotoGP Website
  4. Motocross and Offroad
    YouTube - 2010 YZ450F intro Details have emerged on perhaps the most hotly anticipated motocross motorcycle for next year: The 2010 Yamaha YZ450F. Off-road and motocross riding enthusiasts have been buzzing in anticipation of this new dirt bike and Yamaha hasn’t disappointed. Next year its...
1-4 of 4 Results