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  1. New Members Introduction
    Right so i have a yamaha ybr125 2013 and i have got an aftermarket head light, not the best with wiring. Im guessing blue wire is hight beam and white is low beam with green earth(obviously) brown being side/parking light (correct me if im wrong on any of these) i have a female 3 pin plug on the...
  2. Projects and "How To"
    I'm taking apart my YBR 125 but some of the nuts and screws are so corroded that I can't get them loose. See the attached for what I mean. What's the best method of getting them off? Heat gun, angle grinder, impact driver etc? Thanks
  3. Main Page News Topics
    Euro Commuter Featuring an economical and reliable air-cooled engine housed in a compact, easy-handling chassis, the YBR125 has become one of the most successful lightweights ever produced by Yamaha. Its winning combination of ease of use, attractive styling and remarkable economy has...
1-3 of 3 Results