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  1. Utility ATV
    I have a 1997 Yamaha big bear and it was running fine electric start was working and everything but my brother changed the battery and didn’t strap it in and took off and it fell out and he ran it under the tire and ripped the battery cable connectors off and i have replaced them and it won’t...
  2. Boats
    Hi, I guess this is pretty common with outboard motors: due to propeller movement, at low speed they tend to rotate sideways, being quite annoying while one is steering the boat with the tiller/helm and having to keep correcting the engine angle in order to keep going straight. Is anyone...
  3. ATV Lounge
    Just bought this, doesn't have any vin numbers what so ever. Its a yamaha 4x4 on command, 90 percent sure it's a 450. Need to know the year and make and model so I can buy the parts it needs
  4. Utility ATV
    Hi, I've got a moto 4 350 that's been giving me fits for a while now. When I first got it, it ran great and had no issues at all, but shortly there after it began acting up. It sputters (sounds like a misfire almost) throughout the whole throttle band and at idle. There's no issue starting it at...
  5. The Stars
    So I have been working on my front brakes on my Yamaha v star 950 for 3 days now. Been bleeding the brakes non stop and they still will not pressurize. I have taken the MC apart twice now and it is working correctly. No more air bubbles is coming out of the bleed hose either. I am at a stand...
  6. Waverunners
    How do you find the hull packing for older models? None of the OEM part dealers have stock.
  7. Zuma
    I just purchased a 2009 Yamaha yw50 recently. I was taking it for a ride & noticed it would not accelerate past 50 kph. It rides perfectly within that speed. But as soon as I try to give it more it simply doesn’t accelerate. It doesn’t bog down or decelerate, it just simply won’t accelerate...
  8. YZF-R6, R6S, 600R
    Hey I have a 2007 Yamaha YZF R6 and I've been having throttle problems where every now and then when I go to give it throttle it just boggs down and acts like it's gonna die I have a video of what the butterfly valves do so you can see what it's doing when I give it full throttle but im not sure...
  9. Classics
    My father gave me a motorcycle a few years back and I'm having trouble with what year and model it is and since then he has since deceased so I can't really ask him anymore I just want to see if I can find the paperwork or get the right paperwork for it so I can get it back on the road I know...
  10. Classics
    Hi members! I just joined and so I'm very new to this forum. A little bit of backstory before I get to my actual question/s. My father purchased this bike back in 2007. He used to ride when he was younger, and wanted to get back out on the road after not having a bike for years. He purchased...
  11. 2 Strokes
    Background: Hopefully this will be useful to somebody, as I'm having a hard time finding any information about this bike online or in forums. I picked up this bike for 400 bucks at the beginning of August and had it delivered from Montana. I'm usually working on my 64 Jeep, but I moved to...
  12. Golf Carts
    Hi folks, I have read a lot of information on a few forums this past few days. wow I just purchased a G1 was told it was an 84 and it has an 84 manual but under vin # is 85/09 so I would think 85 or even 86 model built in 85. LOL. this is not that important but the real issue is... Both...
  13. MotoGP
    Instead of the normal 3 days of MotoGP that every stop along the season gets, Qatar will now have 4 days. Link to story How the new setup will go this year: Thursday March 17th 18:00-18:40 125cc Free Practice 1 18:55-19:40 Moto2 Free Practice 1 19:55-20:40 MotoGP Free Practice 1...
  14. MotoGP
    It's only a few weeks away from the first testing of the 2011 season in Sepang, but Yamaha still doesn't have a title sponsor. :thinking: Link to story
  15. MotoGP
    Link to article Wonder if he'll have the same success Spies did in 2010.
  16. MotoGP
    Link to story
  17. Waverunners
    I took this photo this morning by my phone. Someone looks like either having fun or maybe repo'ed? :rofl:
  18. YZF-R1
    So finally ordered up some parts to get the R1 out of the stock look. First final pieces should be in tomorrow and then the mods go up on sunday.
  19. YZF-R1
    Finally was able to get myself something I've been thinking about since the summer started........ As long as it stops raining when I get off work, I should be able to ride it home tonight!
1-20 of 49 Results