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  1. New Members Introduction
    It started great the last time I rode it. But yesterday, when I turned the gas to "run", pulled out the choke knob, and inserted the safety lanyard, the WaveRunner only made a high-pitched buzz when I pushed the start button. Any ideas what's wrong?
  2. Waverunners
    Hi I have a Gp800R and it has been bogging down on the get-up and it can only hit 6000 rpm on a full tank. top speed is 43mph when I am close to empty it will jump up to 48mph both tested with GPS but both Speed runs bog down when it hits top speed. I did a compression test and it was really...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hello fellow PWC waverunner owners! I am excited about being a new owner of an old waverunner! I have never had any "toy" with motors growing up. so, as an adult, this is an exciting new journey in so many ways! I am a mom, 2 almost adult boys, one 19 and 15 yrs. They are loving my new to us...
  4. Boats
    This is a good site to check in on every now and then. The Coast Guard makes the boat and jet ski makers to issue a recall on any situation with a boat or ski that they deem dangerous. Just type in the manufacturer name and all Coast Guard recalls will pop up for you to check out. Recalls Database
1-4 of 4 Results