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  1. 4 Strokes
    Hello all, I'm looking for a shorty slip on or full exhaust without breaking the bank and without needing to rejet the carb. Any recommendations, Just wanting some more sound from the bike!
  2. 4 Strokes
    I rebuilt both carbs the virago order a high quality kit from Japan, bike sat for like 20 years before I got to it. But my question is after all was said and done still runs like crap only thing I can find is that the the needle looks vacuum actuated one carb when i push the slider up it shoots...
  3. V-Max & Virago
    Hi there, I am looking for new bike parts for my Yamaha Virago XV500 SE (SE for Special Edition), year 1989. Right now, the most needed part is the front tubes. The front tube (shock absorber) diameter is 36mm, in case it helps. Don't hesitate to ask further informations. Where could I find...
  4. 4 Strokes
    Hi Everyone, I have just joined the site and am hoping to get some advice. I have had issues with my 1993 virago, so as a novice, I decided to take the carbs apart, one at a time. I am on the first one and have inspected the diaphragm. When I try to re-sit the diaphragm in the groove it will...
1-4 of 4 Results