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  1. Sport / Super Sport
    I recently bought a bike from a scrap yard in my town and was wondering if the VIN is legit on the bike and could be transferred to my name. The vin matches the sticker, printed on the steering column, and stamped on the engine. Vin is 3J2-017351 and it is a 1980 Yamaha XS850 Special.
  2. Motocross and Offroad
    Hello guys, i’m new here. I have a Yamaha YZ 250cc (maybe 2005) mx. I had an accident a couple of years ago, because of which I had to take a break, since then I haven't driven. The bike went through GO, which was done by the repairman, so he had to find out based on some part number. This year...
  3. Adventure Biking / Dual Sport
    I bought this bike, it's supposed to be a 1985 xt125 but I can't match the VIN. Here it is. I'd love some help with ID. jya23h006da002751
  4. Classics
    My father gave me a motorcycle a few years back and I'm having trouble with what year and model it is and since then he has since deceased so I can't really ask him anymore I just want to see if I can find the paperwork or get the right paperwork for it so I can get it back on the road I know...
1-4 of 4 Results